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Why Social Media Marketing is Important?

  • Generating more revenue
  • Selling and promoting products and services
  • Attracting target audience
  • Engaging fans and followers
  • Retargeting to increase conversions
  • 31% of all website traffic comes from social media websites.

Social Media User in Pakistan

  • Total Facebook User in Pakistan 37,070,000
  • Total Insagram User in Pakistan 51,99,000
  • Total Twitter User in Pakistan 12,000,00
  • Total Insagram User in Pakistan 58,52,000

Relevant stats to keep in mind

  • Social media is 300% cheaper than traditional media>
  • 75% of social media users are more likely to buy from brands they follow
  • 90% believe recommendations over all forms of advertising
  • 31% of all website traffic comes from social media websites.

Customized Social Media Marketing Campaigns

social media marketing pakistan

Determine the Objective

1st of all we decide that, what is our core objective to start social media.

social media marketing pakistan

Market Analysis

We analyze the market to see what going on and who can be our competitors.

social media marketing pakistan

Content Creation

We create the content according to our client requirement. that should be effective.

social media marketing pakistan


We run campagins in order to get the result and our objective.

social media marketing pakistan

Progress Report

We check the progress report so base on that. how much we need to do more.

social media marketing pakistan

Account Management

We manage clients social media account. so he can get more customer.

The ability of your business to leverage social media is essential to competing in the marketplace. Over 3+ billion people have access to the Internet and 70% of all online adults use social media.

In Pakistan, there is more than 37,000,000 Facebook users. There are using Facebook from day to night in Pakistan. Social media gain too much popularity in Pakistan.


People wants to expend the business and wants to generate more sales in Pakistan. So social media become especially important. You make video. It takes less than 1 minutes to go viral and million people watch the video.

This gives your brand a unique opportunity to connect with millions of people. Most importantly, you can connect with thousands of people who are interested in your offer.

There are many benefits to social media marketing. Most can be categorized into branding, awareness and ability to interact with consumers. You can build your brand in front of relevant people, grow your long-term audience, and engage with them on an ongoing basis. we have successfully completed social media projects for our clients for lahore base.

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