How to Write SEO Optimized Blog

Complete Guide SEO Friendly Content

2 April

Rank Website In Google 2020


How to Write SEO Optimized Blog

How to Write Articles - How to Write SEO Optimized Blog

Complete Guide SEO Friendly Content

Main keyword in your title

Write SEO Optimized Blog: So, the first and foremost things is to have your main keyword in your title tag or the one which get displayed in the search results plus you would want to have other related keywords if possible and other.

The main keyword in the first paragraph

SEO optimized blog always works if your content is unique and origianl

Try having the main keyword in the first paragraph of the article if possible when writing keep a maximum of three to four lines per paragraph. This makes the content easier for users to digest subdivide the content into multiple heading tags bullets or dots. The goal here is trying to come up with as many variations of the content as possible for it.

For instance, if you have a multiple heading let's say I asked to test to detect this kind of and separate the content into different section, so it makes it easier for users to read bullet.

Keyword in the hashtag

If you have any comparisons have the main Keyword in the hashrag at least once in the article. Other related keywords in the headings so when you start writing you would want to have your main keywords know at least once in the hashtag two or three tags and other or some of the other related keywords in other heading text.

This helps improves the overall relevancy of the content.there is many blog that people writing daily. but mostly not SEO Optimized and SEO friendly content

Keyword present in the body of the article

Have the main keyword present in the body of the article at least three times. You must have heard about the term keyword density before which is you know the ratio of domain keyword on your article to the content length. Basically, by keeping at least three times repeated in your content.

The main keywords that that should be well enough search engine is smart enough to you will understand. seo friendly content help you to bring traffic to your website. to make sure its not duplicate and seo friendly blog post


Interlinked to relevant articles extra links to relevant sources internal links things held you know users going with the flow of the articles as well as you know.

Let them experience other articles on your website as well. An excellent linking to your relevant source really tells them that your article is a credible source.

which again you know there is no evidence that Google really looked at this as the way to improve the rankings but in turn having a well internal link structure to a Web site really helps you know parsing through all those links.

Having as many multimedia

People prefer you know different types of media on an article on the content. Having just a list of words or paragraphs makes it looks boring. Try and you know having as many multimedia as possible and by saying you know embedding at least one

YouTube video in my experience and as well as some of the studies you find that you know they're kind of being or some correlation between first page ranking and YouTube video. Maybe it's because you know Google owns YouTube and they expect you to have YouTube videos in your article.

But anyway, there's no clear evidence on this but having videos on your article is a good way to keep the users on your web page.

Give a meaningful five names to images

Don't forget to all tag so you would want to have you know when you're where you want to add images to your articles you want to have a use for meaningful final names of the images you may want to include your keywords in there as well and don't forget the old tag which gives you the definition or the meaning of the of the images with the keywords in it as well.

Have keyword into you URL

This also is not that important but by having the keyword in the others also helps. Telling users what your content is about. And finally sprinkle in the LSI and pseudonyms as many as possible where it makes sense.

Remember I talked about LSI and see the names and how they improve the relevancy of their content.

You may want to add them you know maybe towards the end when you finish writing the articles go to maybe you know increase overall content relevancy.

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