Rank Website in Google 2020

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31 March

Rank Website In Google 2020

SEO - Rank Website in Google 2020

How To Rank Website In Google 2020

Rank Website In Google 2020

Rank Website In Google 2020

Rank Website In Google: SEO getting die with the time? I heard lot about this. But somehow, it’s not true. But it’s true that you are killing your website rank in google search by using wrong and outdated technique.

It’s become very common and you can say it become very necessary that. Who ever make new website, He wants to show his website in top 10 in google search 1st page SERP Mostly people write 1000000+ of blogs only for how rank website #1 in google?

Rank Website In Google 2020

But in this blog. I am going to tell you how to rank website #2 in google 1st page. There is reason for that. Because I myself when I search something in google. I do not open the paid link. I do not open the 1st website they are showing up in google.

When we go to google search. We usually put keyword and scroll down. And go for 2nd or 3rd website on google search. This is the reason I want you to try to rank your website #2nd in google instead of NO 1.

Get Short Domain and with Targeted Keyword

Rank Website In Google 2020

Rank Website In Google: If you make website for your business. And you got domain within your targeted keyword. That’s great. You start your website SEO instantly. People search in google using keyword. What if someone searched the same keyword in google as your domain name. right?

Its mean you increase the chances of being searched in google.

For example. Your business name is Coronavirus vaccines. And you got domain www.coronavaccines.co. now here, the searched keyword 95% matching with your domain name. and this is the things google see to bring your web page in rank. Like what people are searching and what they will get in result.

2nd things are, try to get make your domain name as short as you can. Its easy to search, easy to read and main and most important things is, google bot friendly. He can read easily.

Some people say. It should be in .com or .net, well, its just things to say. It’s does not impact on ranking. Your ranking depends on overall progress of your website SEO and improve your website ranking.

Keyword Research and URLs – How to Research Keyword for Website

Rank Website In Google 2020

Now here, the things are keyword research depends on your website or business category. For example, you are making website for business. It means the main keywords will center round to your business correct. For example. If you are writing blog. Keyword will be depending on your blog niche.

Your business name is corona vaccines. So, you need keyword research like corona vaccines, coronavirus vaccines, corona vaccines make, covid-19 vaccines. For more keyword research keyword in google

Your website page URLs should be short and easy to read as your domain. User friendly URL always added benefits in your website SEO . Because google always prioritize what user like most.

Where he is spending time more. For example. URL can be www.coronavaccines.co/medicines instead of www.coronavaccines.co/medicinesforcoronavirus. You can’t easily read what is written. What Google bots will understand.

Keyword research tool

keywords - What is Keywords SEO

keyword is very initial and important thing that help your website rank in google . there are different types of keywords. Short and long tail keywords, high competition keywords low competition and other one is tags.

Short tail keyword contains 2 to 3 words. For example, corona vaccine, corona vaccine company.

we use long tail keyword. That contain 3 to 6 words. For example, corona virus vaccine making companies. These are also playing very important role to rank website high in google.

long tail keywords

Because user sometime put full query about what he wants to search. Mostly he put short tail keyword. Then he gets results. So, importance wise both are important.

High competition keywords
are those keywords which take time to rank in google. because of its tough competition. These are those keywords which is constantly and continuously searching in google.

Page Title, Meta title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords

The things in mention in above line. SEO title, description, metas and keyword. These are important part of on-page SEO. Your main title should not longer than 60 character. As you can see in below images. Image with 60-character exact fitting in google search page.

While image with more than 60 character exceeding the number of characters also looking not good. According to google. Your page title should not more than 60 character.

meta keywords

In your title. Can add your main keyword twice with variation. For example. Your main keyword is.

TITLE: Corona vaccine making company in the world – coronavirus vaccine.

In above title. As you can see. I use main keyword corona vaccine two time. But with variation. Same you can do. But not more than twice. Google consider it as spam. And bad impact on your website SEO.

Meta title basically not show on front end. But plays important role to rank website in google and bring your website up in google search page.

It’s important that, you should include your main keyword in meta title. That help to bring your website up in google and improve SEO of website in google.

Same as this, meta description work. That do not show on front end. But its shows on google search page. Meta description should not more than 160 character according to google. In meta descrition. You can use your main keyword 2 to 3 time.

That help you to improve your website rank in google and your website will come on top in google.

Meta keywords play very important role in to improve website SEO. This is all detail which read by google bots and spider and judge your website quality. You can you 9 or 10 main keywords in meta keywords.

meta keywords

Image optimization and ALT tags

In google on-page SEO. Image optimization play very important role. In image optimization. There is different things. You image should be less in size. Should not more 20 or max 50kb. If its size is more. Then it effects on website speed.

Top 5 Image Optimization Tools

If we website speed is slow. Its mean its not user friendly. And someone will visit your site and if it keeps loading. User will go back without visit your website. So its bad impact on your website SEO. So make sure your image should be optimized.

You need to use at least one image in your blog or page. Once you use image in your blog or page. You need to use ALT tag with that. Alt tag should be your main keyword. That help you to bring your website in google in top 10 pages. If you use caption and description with image. That is add more benefits.

Use of keyword with sharp mind

meta keywords

if you already know. You cannot use too much keyword in your blog or page. For example. If your page having 700 word. You can use 4 to 6 keywords in there.

If you page having more than 700 word. You can use according to that. If you use your main keyword multiple time. It will consider keyword spamming.

And there is more chances that, google will consider your website spam and put your website in trash bin or sand box. Sandbox is a place in google.

Where google keep those websites which is spammed or newly created website. As you improve your website performance SEO wise and bringing traffic. Google will remove your website from there. And start showing in search.

So there their question is how you can use main keyword with sharp mind. That google will not consider as spamming. Well. Its very easy. You need to use it with variation. Don’t use your keyword same as you use before.

For example. Your main keyword is corona vaccine. You can use as corona vaccine 2020, coronavirus vaccine, corona virus medicine, corona medicine maker.

This is how you can use you keyword.

LSI Keywords (Latent Semantic Indexing) – What is LSI Keywords?

meta keywords LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keyword is advance technique that people use to improve SEO in google LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing)

basically those keywords which tell to google what your website page about. What is topic of your website.

For example, your website main keyword is corona vaccine

And topic can be corona, virus, vaccine, covid19, medicine. So, from there words google will understand your website is about coronavirus vaccine.

So, he will show up your website in search on those keywords. To check about your LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) there is lot of tools you can use. Just put your keyword and it will give your ideas. https://lsikeywords.com/

Post Length

meta keywords

While you are making your post. As much as you will add more word. It will give benefits your web page SEO. Minimum word should be on each page 700.

Try to make more than this. 700 is minimum. But I will recommend you at least 1000 word on each post.

But keep it in mind. DO NOT use duplicate or plagiarized content. Its harmful for your website. Its clearly a spamming for your website. Your content always should be original and unique.

If you make your content lengthy. You have more chances to add more keywords in your content. So always make your post content lengthy.


meta keywords

Backlinks always play a vital role in SEO of website. In simple words, Backlinks same as a voting system. As much as you will get backlink. That mean people are voting for you. People are supporting you that your content is good.

For example, you are if your election candidate, you require 100 votes to win the election. If you got that vote. You won the election. Same as this. Backlinks work. You need to get support for your website

You must get backlink from another website . There is many ways to get backlinks. You can get by article writing on another site, feedback about other product, social media sharing and much more.

Now there is two types of links. Do-follow and no-follow

Do-follow and no-follow – What is Do-follow and No-follow?

Do-follow backlink those links which asking other’s website to follow your website. It tells to google bots that this website getting support from websites and user likes its content.

Digital Media

No-follow are just normal links. For example you post your website link on facebook or Instagram or somewhere else. That become no-follow link.

Digital Media

Internal link – What is Internal Links?

As you are getting backlinks from another website. You need to link your web pages with each other. This is called inbound links or internal link. This is an important part of on page SEO. Wherever you find related keyword. Just link it with its relevant page in your website.

Why your website not in google ranking REASON

If you think you are doing everything correct but still website out of rank. then you need to figure out what is the things missing or doing something wrong in your website rank.

That could be your website content, duplicate content, keyword not use properly, content length is short, technical issue and more. There is some tool that you can use to check your website issue

How to check website Performance Website SEO Analyzer

Social Media – How to Improve SEO with Social Media

meta keywords

Social media is great tool that improve your website SEO in google. if you are creating unique content. That mean people should see your content. The best way to promote your content is social media such as facebook, twitter, Instagram and much more.

You can make your own page, share your content regularly there. Create a facebook group and build audience there within your niche. That’s how you can get visitor for your website. Join other group share your content there. Answer the question in forums which is relevant to your niche.

Keep in mind. If you share your content at their place which is irrelevant to you. That can be harmful for your website. You will bring visitor from there. But once he sees your website.

Your website not related to him. So, it will increase bounce rate and somehow you telling to google. your website is not user friendly. So make sure bring visit visitor which are relevant to your website.

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